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What is GrimeCoin?

GrimeCoin is for music and culture. Its purpose is to ensure artists can get value for their creations anytime anywhere they are consumed. With our applications under development, Grime Wallet, Grime Player and UKGrime.com artists can get paid every time their music is played, their video is watched, or merchandise is sold.

The token name comes from a British genre of dance music called Grime, known for its high energy and constant innovation. We have created a new cryptocurrency based ecosystem within the Grime music industry.

Our Roadmap outlines the timeline for the tools and services we are building out to ensure everyone can benefit from GrimeCoin. We will also be announcing some exciting partnerships over the next few months so watch this space.

GrimeCoin platform

Join the revolution

The revolution will be tokenized. GrimeCoin is more than just a way for creatives to get paid. Grime coin token can be a means of payments for all kinds of transactions. Our goal is to develop and share new and innovative soft- wares to enable everyone to benefit from Grimecoin.

The Grimecoin token is built for utility not for speculators to buy and hold for hoped for future gains. The more the token is used the more demand will rise. The finite supply of 100 million tokens will let the markets dictate its value.